a review of REMEMBER ME?

REMEMBER ME? By: Sophie Kinsella

i did not physically read this book, rather i listened to it as an audiobook while i was driving up north from florida. i was looking for something to keep me entertained awake along the way. as an avid sophie fan, i took the opportunity to buy the audiobook at a MUCH cheaper price than its current hardback state.
- - -
the novel begins when lexi smart awakens in a hospital, unsure of why she's there. her last memory was leaving a club early enough to get some sleep for her dad's funeral the next morning. in reality, it is three years later & she was brought to the hospital following a nasty car accident. her doctors conclude that her head trauma caused lexi to forget the last three years of her life.
aghast, lexi discovers that during this period she married, moved to the top of the ladder at work, lost a significant amount of weight and has moved into a beautiful mansion. as she tries to piece the fragments of her memories together, her husband's business partner informs her that she was just about to leave her husband for him & her memory loss threatens her position at work. but before lexi can set her future straight, she must remember what occurred in the past.
- - -
as i've mentioned, i'm a big sophie fan, but this probably my least favorite book. i always look forward to reading her books because i always find them so humorous. it is impossible not to laugh at becky's antics in the shopaholic series - for this reason i was skeptical when picking up CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET? because it wasn't a shopaholic book. however, i found myself laughing out loud as usual. this was not the case for REMEMBER ME? not only did i find the general plot cliche, i'm struggling to recall any funny parts in the book.

i also think that the ending (or LACK thereof) of this novel was a significant factor in my displeasure. just as lexi gains her memory back, the book is over. there is no real description of what will happen in her future. i find this very disconcerting. perhaps i'm being too harsh, it wasn't terrible; i think it just lacked the humor that sophie-fanatics have come to know, love and expect.

so my rating? just 3 (out of 5) balony sandwiches

happy tuesday

i decided to create my own blog. my dog, bandit, has one & he's been posting a lot more of me than usual - apparently, my life is more eventful than i thought - so now i've got my own space on the world wide web.

..why the name? im not really sure. my grandma says it to me A LOT, and i'm starting to think it's true. those who know me well enough could probably vouch for my EVER SO SLIGHT exaggerations in my everyday story-telling. 

i hope to keep you updated on books i'm reading, recipes i'm cooking & products i will no doubt be buying - mmm, i love my sham-wows!!

thanks for stopping by!